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10 English Essay For Primary Class [Set 4]

My Friends: Essay For Primary Class


  • School and colony friends.
  • Arjun best friends – helpful.
  • Gita – the girl friend.
  • Anant – another friends, chess player.
  • All the friends good.

I have a number of friends. I am proud of them. Some are school friends. Others are from my colony. They live in my neighborhood. They are of my age. We are close to one another.

Arjun is my best friends. He is my classmate. He is very intelligent. He helps me in my lessons. I play many games with him. Gita is my friend. She is my second best friend. She lives near my house tells me very fine stories. She is also a good singer.

Anant is another friend. He is a very good player of chess. He is very active and energetic. Sometimes he comes to my house. Then we play chess together. I like his company because he is simple and honest.

I am very lucky that I have some very good friends. They are true and sincere. I can depend on them.

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