Sunday , January 26 2020

10 English Essay For Primary Class [Set 3]

My Birthday Party: Essay For Primary Class


  • Birthday party – friends – relatives.
  • Present – cards – enjoyment.
  • Sweets, cold drinks – cake, gifts.
  • Blessings.

Yesterday was my tenth birthday. A grand party was held on this day. I invited all my friends. Some relatives were also present. My parents were very happy. But I was the happiest person.

The guests brought nice presents. They also gave me beautiful birthday cards. We enjoyed some indoor games. Some of may friends sang songs. We also enjoyed recorded music.

There were many things to eat. Cold drinks were also served. The birthday cake was cut me. Everybody wished me a very happy birthday. I gave return gifts to my friends.

My parents blessed me on the day. They prayed for my happiness and long life.

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