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10 English Essay For Primary Class [Set 2]

Myself (A Girl): Essay For Primary Class

  • Name Sarla – surname Sharma.
  • Loving – caring parents.
  • Mother – fairy tales.
  • Younger brother – cute
  • Arjun – six years old.

I am Sarla Sharma. Sharma is my surname. Sarla means ‘simple and easy.’ I am fond of my name. My father gave me this name. He is an Army officer. His name is Gobind Sharma.

My mother is a housewife. She works at home. My parents love me so much. They take very good care of me. My mother’s name is Renu Sharma. She tells me fairy tales and other stories.

Our family is a one. I have a younger brother. His name is Arjuna Sharma. He is very cute. He is six years old.

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