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English Essay on Our School for Children and Students

10 English Essay For Primary Class [Set 1]

Flowers: Essay For Primary Class


  • Various kinds of flowers.
  • Many are seasonal.
  • Many uses of flowers.
  • Rose is my favorite.
  • Lotus – our national flower.
Flower are very attractive. They are of many colors. Flowers smell sweet. They are very popular Some grow on land. Some others grow in water. The lily and the lotus grow in water.

The jasmine, the rose, the marigold, the tulip, the sunflower etc. grow on land. There are many other flowers. They also grow in wild. Most of the flowers are seasonal. They grow in a particular season. A few of them grow in all the seasons.

Flowers are very useful. They are used for decoration. They are used in worship. Garlands are made from them. They are also used in medicines. Some of them are used for making perfumes.

I love the rose the most. It is may favorite flower. Honey bees collect honey from flowers. Honey is one of the best foods. The lotus is our national flower.

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