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Population Growth

English Essay On Overpopulation In World

Overpopulation refers to a situation where the number of humans in a particular place becomes more than the carrying capacity of that particular place. In a broader perspective the term overpopulation is also used for planet earth, because of the incessant rise in human population.

There are various factors responsible for overpopulation like – low mortality rate; better public amenities; availability of food and habitat etc. A few social factors like illiteracy, poverty and no family planning are also responsible for overpopulation in developing or underdeveloped nations.

Long And Short Essay On Overpopulation In World In English

Below we have provided long and short essay on overpopulation in world. These overpopulation in world essay have been written in simple language covering all the vital topics under the heading overpopulation.

After going through the following essays you will know the causes of overpopulation in world; causes of overpopulation in India and other developing countries; what are the social effects of overpopulation; effects of overpopulation on health; what are the solutions of overpopulation etc.

Short Essay On Overpopulation In World – Essay 1 [200 Words]

Overpopulation is the overcrowding of earth due to unregulated population growth of humans. There are many economical and social factors leading to overpopulation. It could result from low mortality rate, high birth rate, illiteracy, lack of family planning, large scale migration etc. Also, depletion of natural resources at one place results in overpopulation at some other place, where the resources are abundant.

An improvement in the past century in basic healthcare facilities and amenities has led to a decline in mortality rate, thus causing the population to grow consistently and is set to continue growing in to the next century.

Overpopulation, despite being a significant global issue, doesn’t get its due consideration. Still not much is being done by the world, to regulate population or to counter its effects. Overpopulation can serious hamper the growth of a nation, causing issues like – unemployment, scarcity of resources, habitat destruction and law and order problems among others.

Necessary steps must be taken to keep the world population under control, so that no place on earth gets overcrowded with humans and become scarce in vital resources, making survival difficult. Along with the mentioned effects, overpopulation also indirectly affects the environment up to large extent.

Essay On Causes Of Overpopulation In World – Essay 2 [300 Words]


Overpopulation is the growing cause of concern throughout the world. It refers to an increase in population over a specific area, so much so, that the particular area becomes overcrowded, beyond its natural capacity. There are many reasons for overpopulation will we will discuss further in the essay.

Causes of Overpopulation in World

There could be various factors causing overpopulation in the world. Large scale immigration of people from one place to another because of political, communal or other issues may cause overpopulation at a particular place. People migrate to neighboring country to escape political upheaval or military conflicts on their own soil.

There is also a trend of migration from underdeveloped or developing countries to the developed nations. Mostly, labour class undertakes such migration in search of better financial opportunities. This migration however causes the population of the host nation to swell up.

Another significant factor that has been contributing to the population growth in the world is high life expectancy due to better medical facilities and development in medical science. People, today are dying less due to diseases, those had been claimed millions of lives in the past century.

Causes of Overpopulation in India and other Developing Countries

The main causes for overpopulation in India and other similar developing countries differ slightly from that of the world. Overpopulation in India is caused by factors like poverty, ignorance, lack of family planning, child labour, and reduced mortality rate, interstate immigration etc.

Poverty in India is considered to be one of the prime causes of overpopulation. Poverty leads to illiteracy and lack of awareness on issues like – contraceptive use and family planning; this, leading to a uncontrolled population growth in deprived areas.

Final Words

The cause of overpopulation in the world is many and they differ from place to place. At one place migration might causing it, at another place it might have been caused due to poverty. Whatever the cause may be, we must take necessary steps to reduce overpopulation.

Essay On Effects Of Overpopulation In World – Essay 3 [400 Words]


There are many effects of overpopulation in the world. Overpopulation in a place causes scarcity of available resources leading to deprivation and poverty. Moreover, it also causes unemployment, as the number of persons in need of a particular job, large outgrows the total number of actual vacancies. Two of the most common effects of overpopulation- social and health are discussed below.

Effects of Overpopulation in World

Social Effects of Overpopulation

There are a variety of social effects of overpopulation, ranging from, poverty, unemployment, poor hygienic conditions and a scarcity of resources for a community. When the population of a particular area rises beyond the destined capacity of that place, then a number of changes in the society are witnessed.

For example, if a fresh water resource is used by more people than it can sustain; then such situation often results in conflicts. People tend to fight with each other over the use of resources.

Overpopulation also leads to scarcity of food and unemployment, causing large scale poverty, hunger and poor hygiene.

Effects of Overpopulation on Health

Overpopulation also has an adverse effect on health of an individual, due to scarcity of food and other resources. The food and other resources, those had been available in abundance, become scarce, when the population of a place grows beyond a specific limit. Moreover, overpopulation is directly related to unemployment and latter could be directly associated to malnutrition and depleting health conditions.

Many people living in a crowded area also results in habitat destruction, reducing the quality of air and other vital parameters, resulting in poor health condition. As more people start living in an area, it becomes imperative to cut down trees and clear vegetation to make houses for them. Thus, begins the vicious cycle of materialistic growth compromising the health and fitness of humans.

People residing in populated areas are often seen living in poor health and hygienic conditions with no access to basic health amenities, clean air and clean water.

Final Words

Overpopulation in area causes evident social and health effects on the individuals and the society as a whole. From poor health and hygiene conditions to natural resource depletion, unemployment and increase in criminal activities – overpopulation has a hand in all these adversities. It therefore becomes important that we take necessary remedial measures before the populations goes beyond the specified limit.

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