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New Delhi, Delhi [India]

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Coaching Institute


ICES House, Kalu Sarai, Sarvapriya Vihar, Near Hauz Khas Bus Terminal


New Delhi, Delhi [India]


26515949, 26569493

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Contact 'FIITJEE - Forum for IIT-JEE'


Visit www.fiitjee.com

FIITJEE was created in 1992 by the vision and toil of Mr. D.K. Goel a Mechanical Engineering graduate from IIT Delhi. It is not just an institute but a Forum for IIT-JEE. An ideal launching pad for the serious JEE aspirants. Its genesis lies not in any coincidence but in an urge to set standards of excellence and perfection in the quest for a place in IITs. It is his vision that has made FIITJEE top of the mind IIT-JEE training institute. Today FIITJEE is known not only for its quality of teaching and study material but also for its corporatised systems and structure. He is the man who looked at teaching from a different perspective.

Ever since it was born, FIITJEE has been growing at a breathtaking pace. Over the last 14 years 's FIITJEE students have shown achievements, which are unparalleled in the history of any educational institution. The expertise & methodologies of FIITJEE have generated a confidence among the students, parents and general public due to which today it is considered a premier institution for IIT-JEE guidance in the country.

Currently the faculty strength of the institute at present is nearly 300, probably the highest for any IIT-JEE training institute in the country. Right from the beginning FIITJEE had the vision of establishing a corporatised structure and the underlying system. FIITJEE knows the importance of constant grooming of its employees and thus has very strong and systematic training programs. Today FIITJEE stands for a healthy set of corporate values and is regarded as a formidable education brand. We were the pioneers in designing a specific IQ Test to test the temperament and potential of a student for IIT-JEE. The student's score in this test helps us judge in the beginning itself his/her potential and the level of input required for his/her success. This makes our Classroom Programs very effective as we know in advance the level of input needed for different students.

Popularity and demand for our programs has been increasing exponentially throughout the country. The classroom contact programs are becoming increasingly popular with large number of students from all over the country coming to Delhi only for our classrooms programs. This has prompted us to setup FIITJEE study centres in various cities all over India to provide excellent training to aspirants for IIT-JEE and Engineering Entrance Exams. Hostel / boarding & lodging facilities are also available for male students at all FIITJEE Centres. Inspired by us many of our programs have been replicated all over the country by other institutes. People attribute overall improvement in the standards of education in this segment chiefly to us.

Most importantly we have developed a faculty strength to always maintain an optimum student teacher ratio so as to give faculty members adequate time to constantly strive for making their teaching more effective.

Although we concentrate on training students only for IIT-JEE but our students have done well in other engineering competitive exams too. Students of our classroom program who are not able to find success in IIT-JEE are normally successful in one of the other prestigious engineering competitive exams.


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