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10th Class

Nationalist Movement in Indo-China: 10 SST

भारत-चीन सम्बन्ध

Question: When was French Indo-China established? Answer: 1887 Question: When did Vietnam get its Freedom? Answer: 1945 Question: Mention any two steps which were taken by the French government to improve transportation in Vietnam. Answer: Trans Indo-China rail network was started linking northern and southern parts of Vietnam. A railway …

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10th CBSE Information Technology 2019


10th CBSE Information Technology 2019 Time: 2 hours M.M.: 50 Class: 10th CBSE Date: 02/03/2019 General Instructions: (i) This question paper contains 31 questions out of which the candidate needs to attempt only 23 questions. (ii) Question paper is divided into two sections: Section A (i) Multiple choice questions / Fill …

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