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Manufacturing Industries: 10th Social Science


Question: Name two most important sugar producing states of India. Answer: Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra Question: Name three major air pollutants. Answer: Air borne dust, smoke and undesirable gases are three major air pollutants. Question: List four Agro based industries. Answer: Sugar, edible oil, cotton and silk are Agro based …

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Age of Industrialization: 10th Social Science


Question: What is proto-industrialization? Answer: The parlyol phase  industrialization in which large-scale production was carried out for international market not at factories but in decentralized units. Question: How was proto-industrialization different from factory production? Answer: Proto-industrialization was a decentralized method of production which was controlled by merchants and the goods …

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Agriculture: 10 Class CBSE Geography


Question: What is agriculture? Answer: The art and science of cultivating soil, raising crops and rearing livestock including animal husbandry and forestry. Question: Name any two farming system (agriculture type) which are practised in India. Answer: (1) Primitive subsistence (2) Commercial farming Question: Name any four agricultural products exported by …

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