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NCERT 9th Class (CBSE) Social Science: Population

Question: What is death rate?

Answer: The number of deaths per thousand persons in a year is called as the “death rate”.

Question: What is migration?

Answer: It is the movement of people across regions and territories.

Question: What is internal migration?

Answer: The movement of people within the country.

Question: What is external migration?

Answer: The movement of people across the countries.

Question: What is the dependent ratio of population?

Answer: Dependent ratio is the ratio between the economically working population and the dependent population.

Question: The sex ratio in rural areas is some what higher than in urban areas. Give one possible cause for it.

Answer: Migration of male members to the cities in search of jobs.

Question: Migration is an important determinant of population change. Give reason.

Answer: Migration changes not only the population size but also the population composition of urban and rural populations in terms of age and sex composition.

Question: What is age composition?

Answer: It refers to the number of people in different age groups in a country.

Question: What is sex ratio?

Answer: The number of females per 1,000 males in the population.

Question: Who is literate?

Answer: According to the Census of 2001, a person aged 7 years and above who can read and write with understanding in any language, is treated as literate.

Question: What is occupational structure?

Answer: The distribution of the population according to different types of occupation is referred as the occupational structure.

Question: What is census?

Answer: The census is a count of population of a country. In India, it takes place after every ten years. The last census in India was held in 2011. It is an inquiry based on questionnaire.

Question: Give two reasons for the migration of people from the rural to urban areas in India.


  1. Rising population in rural areas
  2. Lack of demand for labor in agriculture

Question: Name any two states with high density of population?


  1. Bihar
  2. West Bengal

Question: Name any four states with low density of population?


  1. Mizoram
  2. Jammu and Kashmir
  3. Nagaland
  4. Manipur

Question: What is the sex ratio in India?

Answer: According to 2011 Census, the sex ratio in India is 940.

Question: What is the literacy level in India?

Answer: 74.04 per cent (2011 Census). Male: 82.14 Female: 65.46

Question: What is life expectancy in India?

Answer: Around 65.48 years.

Question: Why is the rate of population growth in India declining since 1981?

Answer: Since 1981, however, the rate of growth started declining gradually. During this period, birth rates declined rapidly. Still 182 million people were added to the total population in the 1990s alone.

Question: Discuss the major components of population growth.

Answer: There are three main components of population growth are birth rates, death rates and migration.

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