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Equatorial Forest Region

NCERT 9th Class (CBSE) Social Science: Natural Vegetation and Wild Life 

Question: Name any two trees of the Alpine Forests.

Answer: Silver fir, pine and junipers.

Question: How many species of birds and fish are known?

Answer: Fish- About 2500 and Birds-Around 1200

Question: Where are the wild asses found in India?

Answer: In Rann of Kachchh (Gujarat) and Rajasthan.

Question: Which is the natural habitat of
(i) Indian lion
(ii) Tigers

Answer: (i) India lions -Gir forests of Gujarat,

(ii) Tigers – Forests of Madhya Pradesh.

Question: Explain with example how temperature can affect the type of vegetation?

Answer: On the slopes of the Himalayas, and hills of the Peninsula above, the height of 915m, the fall in the temperature affects the types of vegetation, an£ its growth and changes it from tropical to subtropical temperature in the alpine vegetation.

Question: Name two areas where the thorn and the scrub forests are formed.

Answer: Punjab plains, Northern Madhya Pradesh, South-West Uttar Pradesh, (Bundelkhand plateau).

Question: Name any two biosphere reserves.

Answer: Nilgiri (Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka), Nanda Devi (Uttarakhand).

Question: Name two endangered species of wildlife.

Answer: Tiger and rhinoceros.

Question: How are the habitats of camels and those of one Horned rhinoceros diametrically opposite to each other ?

Answer: Camels are found in Rajasthan where as the one-homed rhinoceros are found in Assam and North-West Bengal.

Question: Name any two states of India where elephants are found.

Answer: Assam, Kerala and Karnataka.

Question: Name any two biosphere reserves of India and their location.


  1. Manas – Assam
  2. Sundarbans – West Bengal

Question: What is India’s rank in the world and in Asia in plant diversity?

Answer: In the world – Tenth In Asia – Fourth.

Question: Name any one medicinal plant.

Answer: Neem

Question: Why are the leaves of the Thorn forests small and stems succulent?

Answer: Leaves of the Thom Forests are mostly small to minimise evaporation, and the stems are succulent to conserve water.

Question: Where is the Alpine Vegetation found?

Answer: At high altitudes, generally more than 3,600 metres above the sea-level.

Question: How many species of animals does India possess?

Answer: More than 90,000 species of animals.

Question: What are endangered species?

Answer: The plant and animal species which are in danger of getting extinct are called the endangered species.

Question: How many plant species are endangered?

Answer: About 1300 plant species are endangered.

Question: Name any two states where tigers are found.

Answer: Madhya Pradesh and West Bengal.

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