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8th English NCERT Honeydew and It So Happened

When I Set Out For Lyonnesse: 8th Class English Ch 17

When I Set Out For Lyonnesse 8th Class NCERT CBSE English Honeydew Chapter 17

Questions: 1. In the first stanza, find words that show

  1. that it was very cold.
  2. that it was late evening.
  3. that the traveler was alone.

2. (i) Something happened at Lyonnesse. It was

  1. improbable
  2. impossible
  3. unforeseeable

(iii) Pick out two lines from stanza 2 to justify your answer.

3. (i) Read the line (stanza 3) that implies the following. “Everyone noticed something, and they made guesses, but didn’t speak a word”.

(ii) Now read the line that refers to what they noticed.

Answers: 1.

  1. The word “rime” shows that it was very cold.
  2. The word “starlight” shows that it was late evening.
  3. The word “lonesomeness” shows that the traveler was alone.

2. (i) Unforeseeable.
The relevant lines are:
No prophet durst declare
Nor did the wisest wizard guess
What would be chance at Lyonnesse

Question: What inspired Hardy to write the poem ‘When I set out for Lyonnesse’?

Answer: The poet set out for Lyonnesse to supervise renovation work of a church. He writes the poem to celebrate his successful attempt.

Question: What does the poet tell about his feelings before he left for Lyonnesse and after his return?

Answer: When Hardy left for Lyonnesse, he was shaky. He had a fear that he might fail to do his job there. But nobody could foresee the future. But When he returned, he had glow of joy and satisfaction on his face.

Question: What did people notice on poet’s return from the parish?

Answer: On his return from the parish, people noticed two things about him. A new glow in his eyes and a crumbled piece of paper sticking out his coat pocket.

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