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NCERT 8th Class (CBSE) Social Science: Government For Development

Question: Do you think the distribution of public facilities in our country is adequate and fair? Give an example of your own to explain.

Answer: The distribution of public facilities in our country is neither adeduate no fair.for example, the Delhites avail all public facilities like water, healthcare and sanitation, electricity, public transport, schools and colleges. But if we go few kilometers away, for example, Mathura or Aligarh people face grave crises of public facilites. Electricity cut-off, water shorthages are normal routine of life. Public transport is also not properly developed.

Question: Are the above public facilities shared equally by all the people in your area? Elaborate.

Answer: Water supply is not shared equally by all the people in this area. While each house in middle class locality has separate connection for water, about 50 houses in the slum have to manage with a single water tap. While people of middle class homes can buy water from tankers in case of need, those in slum are not in a position to do so. However, other facilities, like electricity, road and public transport are shared equally by all.

Question: Private educational institutions – schools, colleges, universities, technical and vocational training institutes are coming up in our country in a big way. On the other hand, educational institutes run by the government are becoming relatively less important. What do you think would be the impact of this? Discuss.

Answer: Private educational institutions levy very high fees, which only affluent people can afford. So quality education will be the right of only the rich. If educational institutions run by the government are not up to the mark, the weaker sections of the society are deprived of quality education.

The end result of this disparity will be that only the rich will get good education while the poor will be deprived of it.

Question: Mention three important aspects of the Five-Year Plan.

Answer: Importance of Five-Year Plans:

  1. The Five-Year Plans help the government to tackle problems of poverty, unemployment and price rise.
  2. The Five-Year Plans have led to an improvement in infrastructure such as, increased power generation, better communication and  transportation. This in turn has facilitated industrial and agricultural development.
  3. The Five-Year Plans have also helped in better distribution of public resources for the purposes of socio-economic development.

Question: What are the measures adopted by the government to promote small-scale industries?

Answer: The measures adopted by the government to promote small-scale industries:

  1. Tax benefits are offered to set up small-scale industries.
  2. Special tax incentives are given to set up industries in backward areas to help develop the small-scale sector.
  3. Some products are reserved for exclusive manufacture by the small-scale industries.
  4. Special training facilities are provided to set up small-scale industries.

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