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NCERT 8th Class (CBSE) Science: Force and Pressure

NCERT 8th Class (CBSE) Science: Force and Pressure

Question: What is pressure?

Answer: Force exerted per unit area is called pressure.

Question: Does air and water exert pressure?

Answer: Yes.

Question: What is atmospheric pressure?

Answer: Pressure exerted by air is known as atmospheric pressure.

Question: What cause the leak in ink from pens while flying in aeroplanes?

Answer: Atmospheric pressure.

Question: Why don’t we feel atmospheric pressure?

Answer: We don’t feel atmospheric because pressure of air inside our body is equal to it.

Question: How do feel force in our daily life?

Answer: many big or small action make us fell the force. We have to push or pull many objects daily. A moving ball stops on its own, the ball changes the direction of its motion, When hits with a bat. We churn curd to make lassi and many other actions.

Pressure-Opposite-Sides-Opposite-DirectionQuestion: What happens when two people exert pressure from opposite sides in opposite direction?

Answer: When pressure is exerted on an object from opposite sides in opposite direction, the forces get cancelled or the force which is more in magnitude than other comes in play.

Question:What is force? Define with example.

Answer: Force is the pull or push of the objects. Action like pushing, Pulling, bending, running, lifting etc. are the example of force. Moving or stopping or changing shape and direction of motion of object are the various action showing force in play.

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