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NCERT 8th Class (CBSE) Science: Crop Production

Question: Name three natural methods of adding nutrients to soil.

Answer: The three natural methods of adding nutrients to soil are: Field fallow, Crop rotation and Mixed cropping.

Question:  What are weeds?

Answer: The unwanted plants that grow along with the crops and share nutrients are called weeds. Weeds decrease the crop yield as they compete with crops for water, nutrients and sunlight and limit their growth.

Question: Why should grains be dried before storage?

Answer: Grains should be dried before storage to remove moisture. This excess moisture helps growth of microbes that may destroy the grains.

Question:  Why does the government usually maintain a buffer stock of grains?

Answer: The government usually maintains a buffer stock of grains to avoid shortage of grains during natural disaster.

Question: What is hybridization?

Answer: Hybridization is a technique to develop new varieties of crops by cross breeding two different varieties.

Question:  List the steps involved in the nitrogen cycle.

Answer: The steps involved in the nitrogen cycle are as follows:

  1. Nitrogen fixation
  2. Nitrogen assimilation
  3. Ammonification
  4. Nitrification
  5. Denitrification

Question: What do you mean by nitrogen fixation?

Answer: Nitrogen fixation is the process of converting free atmospheric nitrogen gas into nitrogen compounds nitrites and nitrates.

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