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Sarees of Kanchipuram

NCERT 7th Class (CBSE) Social Science: Wholesale Market – The Sarees of Kanchipuram

Question: What is the major advantage that a weaver enjoys when he sells directly to the customers?

Answer: The advantages that weaver enjoyed is:

  1. The weaver is the master, and he decides the product.
  2. All the profit goes to him.
  3. He uses his creativity to produce the saree.
  4. There is no intermediaries, therefore sarees are cheaper for the buyers.

Question: What is the role played by agriculture in silk production?

Answer: In the production of silk, agriculture plays a crucial role. To get better silk yarn, the cultivator needs better mulberry trees to feed the silkworms. For this , the cultivator needs fertilizers and pesticides. All these are provided for by the end buyers or intermediary.

Question: What are the advantages and disadvantages of indirect marketing?

Answer: Now a days, there are number of intermediaries between the farmer, the weaver and the consumer. This is called indirect marketing.


  1. The weaver is reduced to the level of a mere paid labourer where everything is taken care of and controlled by external agencies.
  2. The intermediary comes next who gets a commission on the order and sales.
  3. The one who makes maximum profit is the shop owner or exporter.
  4. Thus, the distribution of profits is highly unequal in this set up with the weaver getting paid a pittance and the intermediaries getting most of the profit.


  1. This system of indirect marketing, however, promotes job opportunities for everyone, especially the weaver.
  2. The weavers need not worry about buying raw materials, waiting for the customers, etc.
  3. No stock would remain unsold with him as all the sarees are taken from him and he gets paid.

Question: What is the initiative taken by the weavers now to protect their interests?

Answer: These days, many weavers have joined together and formed cooperative societies to protect their interests. The government has also stepped in to help them in many ways.

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