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NCERT 7th Class (CBSE) Science: Soil

Question: Explain how soil is formed.

Answer: Soil is formed through the process of weathering. Weathering is a process of physical breakdown and chemical decomposition of rocks and minerals near or at the surface of the earth. This physical and chemical decomposition is primarily done by wind, water, and climate. As a result of these processes, large rock pieces are converted into smaller pieces and eventually to soil.

Question: How is clayey soil useful for crops?

Answer: Following are the properties of clayey soil:

  1. It has very good water holding capacity.
  2. It is rich in organic matter.

For growing crops such as wheat, gram, and paddy, the soil that is good at retaining water and rich in organic matter is suitable. Therefore, clayey soils having these characteristics are useful for such kind of crops.

Question: List the differences between clayey soil and sandy soil.


Clayey Soil
Loamy Soil
1. It has much smaller particles
1. It has much larger particles
2. It can hold good amount of water
2. It cannot hold water
3. It is fertile
3. It is not fertile
4. Air content is low
4. Air get trapped between the particles
5. Particles are tightly packed
5. Particles are loosely packed
6. Good for growing various crops
6. Not suitable for growing crops

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