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NCERT 7th Class (CBSE) Social Science: Media and Democracy

Question: List five objectives of the media.

Answer:  The objectives of the media are:

  1. Separation of news from opinion.
  2. Separation of news and business interests of the newspaper. If the two mixed up, it may interfere with the media’s responsibility towards people at large.
  3. Note to give one-side account of events.
  4. Give only reports that are based on facts.
  5. Avoid distortion of news. The media should never resort to sensationalism.

Question: What is the social responsibility of the media?

Answer: The media has an enormous social responsibility:

  1. Besides its duty to provide an accurate and detailed account of events, the media should also provide a forum for people to share their views and ideas.
  2. It should uphold the values of the society.
  3. Dealing with the power of information, some media firms may become centers of economic and political power. In such cases they are likely to place their private interests above public interest.
  4. There is a need to regulate the media so that it gives priority to public interests.

Question: ‘Journalists should be able to operate with impartiality’. What do understand by this statement?

Answer: It means not favoring one side or the other. If the media houses are financially department on political parties or business houses then they may not have the freedom to operate as they should. Their accountability will be towards these parties and not towards the public. This can then hamper  media’s responsibility towards the society.

Question: What do you think will be the role of media in an undemocratic society?

Answer: The role of media in an undemocratic society is as follows:

  1. The media will be puppet in hands of the government.
  2. Media would not show the true picture of the happenings.
  3. The government would live the media for their favour.
  4. The media would create sensationalism and unrest among everyone else.
  5. there would be corruption.
  6. People may not have the right to express their public opinion.

Question: What are the probable shot comings in granting autonomy to journalists.

Answer: The probable shot coming in granting autonomy to journalists are:

  1. They would have freedom for their own purpose and would not work for our welfare.
  2. They would propagate opinions and potray their news which is harmful for the nation.
  3. They would spread fake news to increase TRP.
  4. They would not give way to public opinion and create sensationalism.

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