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The Earliest Societies

NCERT 6th Class (CBSE) Social Science: The Earliest Societies

Question: Write a short note on the plantings discovered at Bhimbetka.

Answer: Bhimbetka in Madhya Pradesh is famous for prehistory rock plantings are over 750 rock shelters here, nearly 500 of which have paintings. The paintings depict scenes from everyday of life of men hunting, riding, dancing, performing food; of children running, jumping, playing and so on. A large number of animals have also been pained, most of them in great detail. The colors used in the paintings red, green, white and ochre.

Question: Who were Hominids?

Answer: The biological family consisting of early humans apes and creatures resembling human beings. They could  walk, stand, erect, new the art of fire.

Question: Why was stone used to make tools in prehistoric period?

Answer: Stone was used because it was easily available in nature. Stone was hard enough to be used as a weapon and could be shaped or sharpened in to different sizes depending on the purpose it was beings used for.

Question: Name any three tools used in Paleolithic Age?

Answer: Archaeologists have divided prehistoric stone tools into three main categories: Core tools, Flake tools and blade tools.

Question: Name any two Mesolithic settlements in India.

Answer:Mesolithic settlements have been found along river banks such as the Ganga Valley in districts of Allahabad  and Pratapgarh in Uttar Pradesh.

Question: What are the sources of information about prehistoric Period?

Answer: All our information about this period comes from fossils such as bones and skeleton and artifacts such as tools cave paintings, pottery etc. Since no written records or manuscripts are available our knowledge about the prehistoric period is very limited.

Question: How were stone tools used in the past?

Answer: Some stone tools were used to cut meat and bone, scrape bark from trees and hides i.e. animal skins, chop fruit and roots. Some were used as handles of bone or wood. Some were used to make spears and arrows for hunting. Other tools were used to cut wood.

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