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The Earliest Societies

NCERT 6th Class (CBSE) Social Science: The Earliest Societies

Question: Why were early humans always on the move?

Answer: Early humans were always on the move. They traveled resources of plants another in search of food, water and shelter. When the resources of plants and animal food got exhausted in one area, they moved to another.

Question: What are sites? Write the names of two Mesolithic, two neolithic and two Paleolithic Sites.

Answer: Evidences of hunter-gathers have been discovered at many places. Generally, these evidences are in the form of stone tools, some finished and some unfinished. These places are called sites. For Eg:

  1. Paleolithic sites: Mirzapur (Uttar Pradesh), Bori (Maharashtra), Adamgarh (Madhya Pradesh) and Bhimbetka (Madhya Pradesh).
  2. Mesolithic sites: Bagor (Rajasthan)
  3. Neolithic sites: Maski (Karnataka), Chirand (Bihar)

Question: Why did early humans use flint to make tools?

Answer: Early humans used flint to make tools as flint chips easily and could be move into different shape.

Question: Why did early humans paint on cave wills?

Answer: Early humans painted on cave walls to express their feelings. They may also have been done on ceremonial occasions.

Question: Write two techniques of tool making with the help of a diagram.

Answer: The two techniques are:

  1. Stone on stone: In this the stone to be shaped into a tool was held in one hand another stone was held in the other hand. The second stone was used to strike the first. This was done till the first one acquired shape.
    Stone on stone
    Stone on stone
  2. Pressure flaking: In this stone be chipped was place an a firm surface such as a rock. A stone sharpened from one end was kept on the first stone. Then another stone was struck hard on the blunt. Surface of the second stone. This was done till the first stone was of the desired shape.
    Pressure Flaking

Question: How was fire useful to the earth humans?

Answer: Over a period of time, humans burned the uses of fire:

  1. It provided light and kept them warm.
  2. Early humans kept a fire burning at the entrance of their caves to scaraway wild animals.
  3. They also used fire to cook food.

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