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Living and Non-living

NCERT 6th Class (CBSE) Science: Living and Non-living

Question: What are microorganisms. Give examples.

Answer: Some living things are mode up of 1 cell. They are known as unicellular organisms or microbes or microorganisms. Eg: bacteria, euglena, yeast etc.

Question: Do plants move? Explain with the help of examples.

Answer: Plants move but not like us. There movement can be seen when they grow or in sunflower plant which drags the direction of the sun or some carnivorous plants who movements is very fast. Eg- Pitcher plant, mimosa and venus flytrap.

Question: Differentiate between geotropism and phototropism.

Answer: Geotropism: It means earth, The Root system always grows towards the ground.

Phototropism: It means light. The shoat system always grows towards the sun.

Question: There is some growth in unicellular organisms. How is the growth done?

Answer:  When the organisms absorb the nutrients the cells increase in size and the growth occurs.

Question: How do living things grow? Some non-living things also grow. How is their growth different from the growth of living things?

Answer: In non-living things, growth occurs due to division of material from the outside. In living things, growth occurs due to division of cells and in unicellular due to increase in size of their cell.

Question: Explain with an example what is meant by ‘living things respond to stimuli’.

Answer: Humans response to sunlight, gravity, temperature etc. For Eg- a mimosa plants responses after being touched, an earthworm kept in a sunlight it will runaway.

Question: How are autotrophs different from hetrotrophs?

Answer: Autotrophs:

  1. They make their own food and do not depend on others.
  2. They are known as producers.
  3. For Eg: green plants


  1. They depend directly or indirectly.
  2. For food on autotrophs.
  3. They are known as consumers. For Eg: Non-green plants, animals.

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