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Living and Non-living

NCERT 6th Class (CBSE) Science: Living and Non-living

Question: Define a cell.

Answer: The cell is the structural and functional unit of like. A cell is the smallest livings structure that is able to function independently.

Question: Define environment. Name the different components of the environment.

Answer: All that surrounds living things and affects their growth and developments is called environment. There are two types of components biotic and abiotic living things like plants and animals are known as biotic and Non-living things like rock, air, light are known abiotic components.

Question: Different between scavengers and decomposers.


  1. Scavengers: Animals that feed on dead creatures are known as scavengers.
  2. Decomposers: Tiny organisms and that feed on called plants for nutrients are known as Decomposers.

Question: How do plants exhibit movements and respond to stimuli?

Answer: A change in the immediate environment of an organism which produces a change in the activities of the organism is called stimulus.

Question: Explain how biotic components interact among each other.

Answer: Biotic components interact with each in following ways:

  1. Animals depends on plants or food and shelter.
  2. Plants get carbon dioxide and are helped in pollinating by animals.

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