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India - Physical Features

NCERT 6th Class (CBSE) Social Science: India – Physical Features

Question: Distinguish between the Himadri, the Shiwalik, the Himachal.

Answer: Himadri:

  1. It is the northern most mountain ranges of Himalayas.
  2. Snow covered mountain peaks are common here.
  3. It is also known as greater Himalayas.
  4. Kanchenjunga is the highest in the Indian Himalayas.


  1. It is the southern most mountain ranges of Himalayas.
  2. Land slides are common here.
  3. It is also known as outer Himalayas.
  4. For Eg: Garo Khasi, Indian hills.


  1. Himachal lies between greater Himalayas in the north and Shiwalik in the south.
  2. It is also known as lesser Himalayas.
  3. The Pir-Panjal and the Dhaula Dhar are the mountain ranges in Himalayas.
  4. Hill stations such as Shimla, Kullu, Manali are situated in these mountain ranges.

Question: Explain the main features of the peninsular plateaus.


  1. The peninsular plateaus are located towards the south of northern plains.
  2. It is roughly triangular in shape.
  3. It is the oldest structure of the Indian Subcontinent.
  4. The average height of the plateaus ranges from 600 m to 900 m and the slope is from west to east.
  5. The plateaus are made up of igneous and metamorphic rocks.
  6. They have on undulating surface with low hills and rounded tops.
  7. The Narmada river divides the entire plateaus into 2 parts the central Highlands and the deccan plateau.

Question: Compare the rivers of the Deccan plateaus with those of the Himalayas.

Answer: Rivers of the Deccan plateau:

  1. The river originates from central highlands.
  2. These rivers are rain fed and therefore they are seasonal.
  3. For Eg: Godawari, Krishna, Kaveri.

Himalayan Rivers:

  1. The rivers originates from the Himalayas.
  2. These rivers are snow fed as well as rain fed and thus perennial.
  3. For Eg- Indus, Ganga, Yamuna and Brahmputra.

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