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NCRT 6th Class (CBSE) Science: Form and Movement in Animals

Question: Briefly explain the Movement in cockroach?

Answer:Though cockroaches have two pairs of wings, they can fly short distances. However, they are able to run and climb very fast. Like all insects, cockroaches have three pairs of legs. They walk in a very interesting manner, moving three begs at a time. Let us suppose the clots represent legs.

Cockroach Anatomy
Cockroach Anatomy

Question: Briefly explain the Movement in Fish?

Answer: Most fish have a streamlined body – the head and the tail are narrow the middle portion of the body is broader. Fish have fins and a flexible backbone that helps them  to swim. Most of the fishes have special structure called swim bladder that can be filled with air or emptied to help them move up and down in water.

Movement in Fish
Movement in Fish

Question: Briefly explain the Movement in Birds?

Answer: Most Birds are capable of flying. Birds can also walk run or hop on the ground. The wings are moved down and forwards lifting the body in the air. This movement is called down stroke. The wings are lifted upwards in preparation for another down-stroke. This movement is termed upstroke.

Movement in Birds
Movement in Birds

Question: Differentiate between vertebrates and invertebrate Give two example of each.

Answer: Vertebrates:

  1. Animals which have a backbone.
  2. Eg-Fish, Frog


  1. Animal which dont have a backbone.
  2. Eg- Earthworm, Snail

Question: How does a shell protect the snail?

Answer: The shell helps the snail by protecting from animals, heat or harsh climate.

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