Wednesday , July 8 2020

NCRT 6th Class (CBSE) Science: Form and Movement in Animals

Question: What do you mean by movement?

Answer: The changing position of the body or any part of the body is called movement.

Question: At which part does the arm rotate?

Answer: The arm rotates on the round pit-like structure.

Question: If you tie a scale with your arm, are you able to bend your elbow?

Answer: No, we cannot bend our elbow.

Question: Name the places where two parts of the body are seen to be joined together.

Answer: These places are called joint.

Question: If there are no joints then will it be possible to move?

Answer: No, it is not possible.

Question: Can bones be bent?

Answer: No, bones cannot be bent.

Question: Can we bend our body at every part?

Answer: No, we can bend our body only at joints.

Question: How many types of joints are there?

Answer: There are five types of joints in our body.

Question: Name the various types of joint.


  1.  Ball and socket joints
  2.  Pivotal joints
  3.  Hinge joints
  4.  Fixed joints
  5.  Gliding joints

Question: What is cavity in bone?

Answer: The hollow space in the bone is called cavity.

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