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Bhim Rao Ambedkar

NCERT 6th Class (CBSE) Social Science: Diversity and Discrimination

Question: How does discrimination occur?

Answer: Discrimination is a negative aspect in a social set up. It occurs if we act on prejudices or stereotypes. It promotes ignorance of a particular class or individual in society. Such class or individual is debarred from all opportunities.

Question: Differentiate between inequality and discrimination.

Answer: Inequality and discrimination are the two different concepts. But they are related closely to each other. Inequality may be the difference between caste, creed, culture, language, region, economic status, educational background, etc. Everyone differs from the other in society. Discrimination takes place when one acts against an individual or a community on the basis of difference. A whim or a prejudice works behind it. If one tries to exploit the other individual who is down in status in any way it is called discrimination. That discriminated individual or community is devoid of the common opportunity or facility provided by the society. It is not at all healthy for a good society.

Question: What are the Constitutional provisions for establishing equality in Indian society? Do you think these are enough?

Answer: Right from the beginning of the social set-up, India has been a victim of inequality and discrimination. Society was divided into four main castes. All the opportunities were confined to the upper class. Some of the castes were considered so low that people even scared from their shadow. It created great disparity in society. With the spread of education a consciousness against this evil system was aroused. After getting independence the Constitution makers had strong arguments against this system. So, it was declared a crime in our Constitution. It was declared that the Constitution would provide equality and right against discrimination to the citizens of India. Reservation was provided for those discriminated people in every field of life.

But still it is a fact the system persists. Only Constitutional provisions are not enough. It is observed that even after reservation, these people lay behind. They prefer earning their livelihood than going to school. A compulsory educational system should be developed. A mass consciousness is needed otherwise, we can’t hope more.

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