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NCERT 5th Class (CBSE) Social Science: Pollution

Question: Name the different types of pollution?

Answer: The different types of pollution are:

  1. Air Pollution
  2. Water Pollution
  3. Noise Pollution
  4. Land Pollution

Question: Mention few ways to reduce air pollution?

Answer: The five ways to reduce air pollution are:

  1. Walk whenever possible or use bicycle or public transport.
  2. Reduce use of aerosols in the household.
  3. Grow more trees.
  4. Do not burn leaves or garbage in open instead recycle.
  5. Get the vehicle pollution check on time and use only unleaded petrol.
  6. Use CNG in vehicles.
  7. Trees should be planted to improve quality of air.

Question: How is water pollution harmful for us?

Answer: Water pollution is harmful for us as:

  1. Various types of pollutants enter the water bodies through sewage, industrial waste and waste material of the farms.
  2. Pollutants harm the plant and animal life of the water bodies and also make the water unfit for use.
  3. Dirty water can lead to diseases like water – borne diseases, like dysentery, jaundice etc.
  4. Metal like lead can affect brain development in children and can damage kidneys in adults.

Question: What are the different cause of noise pollution?

Answer: The causes of noise pollution are:

  1. The most common source of noise pollution is sound produced by vehicles such as cars, bikes, airplanes and trains.
  2. Noise pollution can also be due to loud noise made by machines, construction work, loudspeakers, TV and music systems.
  3. It can cause irritation, loss of hearings and even deafness, sleep disturbances etc.
  4. It can also cause animals a lot of problems.

Question: What is soil pollution? Explain.

Answer: Soil pollution is the result of the build up of harmful substances in the soil that hampers the growth of plants and also affects animals health. This can happen due to the overuse of pesticides and increased usage of chemical fertilizers.

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