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NCERT 5th Class (CBSE) Science: Measurement 

NCERT 5th Class (CBSE) Science: Measurement 

Question: What is length?

Answer: The size or the measurement of something from one end to the other is called length.

Question: Name any two measures used in ancient times?

Answer: The two measures used in ancient times are:

  1. Handspan
  2. Cubit

Question: Why did people in ancient times realize the need for some fixed quantity of measurement?

Answer: The people in ancient times realize the need for some fixed quantity of measurement because the length of the various body parts differs from person to person.

Question: What is a unit?

Answer: A fixed quantity that is used as a standard of measurement is called a unit.

Question: Which unit would you use to measure the length of a pencil?

Answer: I would use cm (m) to measure the length of a pencil.

Question: Define temperature. Which instrument is used to measure it? Name the unit in which it is measured.

Answer: Temperature is the measure of how hot and cold an object is. It is measured using an instrument called a thermometer. Units used to measure temperature in degree Celsius (degree C) or degree Fahrenheit (degree F).

Question: Make a list of various units used to measure length, mass, capacity and time.

Answer: Chart in copy.

Question: Convert:

  1. 2 hours into minutes – (60 min= 1 hr) 2*60=120 min.
  2. 4 liters into milliliters – (1 ml = 1000 l) 4*1000 =4000 ml.
  3. 20 minutes in seconds – (60 sec= 1 min) 20*60 = 1200 sec.
  4. 10 meters into centimeters – (1 cm = 100 m) 10*100 = 1000 cm.
  5. 20 kilograms to grams – (1 g = 1000 kg) 20*1000 = 20000 g.

Question: write the units for the following:

  1. Finding out temperature of a patient having fever – Celsius (degree C)
  2. Water in a big tank – Kilolitres (kl)/l.
  3. Distance between your school and house -kilometre (km)
  4. Water in a water bottle -Milliliter (ml)
  5. Mass of the earth – kilogram (kg).

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