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5th Class (CBSE) Mathematics: Fraction

Multiplication of Fraction

A. Multiplying Fraction by Whole Number.

a) Shalini is making tea for six people. She need  001  teaspoon of tea leaves for each cup. How much will she need for 6 cups?


Repeated addition can also be shown as multiplication.


Step 1. Write the whole number as a fractionMultiplication

Step 2. Multiply the numerators

Step 3. Multiply the denominators

Step 4. Reduce to the lowest term.


Answer: Shalini need 4 teaspoons of tea leaves to make 6 cup of tea.



e) In a class of 40 children, 3-4 use the school bus to come to school. How many children use the school bus?

To find 3-4 of 40, you can multiply.


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